JP standI went through my childhood always wanting to have a lot of money. Alongside that I’m a massive sport lover, especially football. Put those two things together, there is an obvious dream there of becoming a professional footballer so that’s what I attacked. Going through my school years I was doing well in terms of education but football was always my main focus. I reached the stage during my teens, where I played for professional clubs such as Southampton and Reading. I also represented my district county, which at the time was Hampshire and then managed to progress onto an England schoolboy trial. Things were going really well but to be entirely honest, I wasn’t enjoying it and quickly losing my drive.

Looking back, it’s so clear why I was losing that determination. The goal I had set for myself was something I did not actually want to achieve. I didn’t want to be a footballer, training hard day in, day out and I had come to accept that although professional football was an option for me, like many others I would not achieve the success of David Beckham!  For that reason I would have been training hard whilst only earning £40,000-£100,000 a year. Early retirement without sufficient funds, would have then required me to get another job and a new career would have beckoned anyway. For me, football was out. Whilst pondering on my future, I cruised through further education, a diploma and a degree wondering what was next. A normal 9-5, £50,000, no progression, I knew I would do anything to avoid. For 10 months I searched for something that would allow me to max out my full potential and show what I could do.

I then found a couple of crazy Americans – Justin Cobb and Christoph Grizzard. They introduced me to an environment where there was no roof, there was no limit and with a lot of hard work I could hit all of my goals. 8 weeks after joining the company, I moved my life to Maidstone with Christoph, and 15 weeks after that, got promoted to Assistant Management. This then led to the worst mistake I have made so far: I got comfortable. I loved what I was doing, I loved how much I was earning, my life was great. This enjoyment blurred my larger goals. After hard conversations and a few learning curves, I corrected this. I won’t make that mistake again.

I have been working in the marketing and sales field since 2008. During this period, I have had some incredible mentors and partners who have helped me as I have built an understanding of a fast paced industry that I have grown to love. Everything I have learnt along this journey has assisted me as I became increasingly valued by clients and ran business’s that have grown companies customer base’s- Early 2016, I decided to embark on the most challenging career move I have ever made- moving to the the US! America really is the land of opportunity, as it is a forever growing market with lots of new and old companies that need customers and those business’s are all competing to increase their bottom line.


This is what I specialize in! Building my clients bottom line, increasing the market percentage they operate in and helping them to expand into new markets.


My goals for the future are BIGGER THAN EVER! With an increased client demand in a whole new country and a solid sales strategy that we can implement across a variety of brands and industries. I can’t wait to see how far this goes and to give back to others as this adventure continues…..

Advice: Work out your goals, know why you’re here, work towards that and never lose sight of it.
Josh Peace