After growing a multi-million-pound revenue business in the U.K. working alongside multiple clients, Josh decided to do the opposite of sit on that success and take on a whole new challenge. The US market. The US market is a bigger one with more clients, a bigger economy and much more physical space. Towards the end of 2015, Josh was in talks with partners and US contacts about the possibility of a US move. By March 2016 he had moved his life over to Chicago and was attacking building a whole new company.

Very quickly it became apparent why he decided that was a good move. As the company got started and was getting off the ground, the client demand grew. With the budget available from our clients and the work they can give to the company, Josh quickly realized how achievable it would be to grow to 100 offices throughout the US. A goal which he now makes sure everyone around or involved with the company knows about.

Since the humble beginnings being fresh off the plane, living in an air b n b still figuring everything out thousands of miles away from home. Flip to the start of 2017 where the company has already grown to over $2 million in revenue, things are moving fast. Just 10 months after opening an office in downtown Chicago, the weekly company revenue is already surpassing the yearly equivalent revenue of $2 million. That is fast by anyone’s standards so we asked Josh why he thinks things are and have moved so quickly. Part of the reason for this rapid growth is the client demand he says. “This allows the company to constantly take on new work and eat into the new budget as soon as its ready. Constantly having demand is a huge advantage.” Another part is although Josh is new to the US, he wasn’t new to the industry or running a company. This was all done before in the UK and this experience cut so much time off the learning curves. When asked Josh said, “Most startups make a lot of mistakes and are still figuring out who they want to be or how best they can operate. It was a huge deal for us to start already knowing these things.” Josh knows though he didn’t do it alone. “Every company is built on its employees. The people of a company make it what it is. I am so lucky to have the team I have and Chicago has been an amazing base for us to find great people. My aim is to repay all the people that are getting in with us early and working hard now with the promotions and raises they deserve as we grow. There will be so many opportunities for everyone to take on more responsibility and upper-level management roles.”

2016 was a huge year for Josh with new clients, a new team and a new home. As always though, Josh is only looking forward, “2017, 2018 and 2019 will be about us taking advantage of all we set up and hitting our goal of 100 offices throughout the US. I can’t wait for the ride and to experience it all with my team.”

As his PR team, we will do our best to keep up with everything he is doing and update things as they go. It certainly isn’t going to be boring!